Click4Assistance needed to elevate their blog library and inject a different perspective into their marketing.

For 15 months, we consistently delivered quality content to them. We delivered content for each of their core target markets, and even fulfilled a generic business slot, given that a subset of their customers were small to medium businesses. 

The targets were: 

  • Contact centers 
  • Resellers and partners
  • Healthcare practices 
  • Local authorities 
  • Housing associations 
  • Financial organisations
  • Universities 
  • Chairites 
  • Small to medium businesses 

Framing the content around these specific target markets, we then had to ensure that they were in line with their strict batch of 12 keywords, while making the content engaging while still marketing the product. 

Managing the entire content strategy, ideation, briefs and editing internally, the service was almost completely hands-off for the client, giving them the time to look after other duties of the business. All they had to do was send over deadlines, read and approve the content and sign the cheque! Don’t you wish that all services could be this hands-off? 

Here is a sample of our work with them. 

Total Project Word Count: 174,709 // 229 individual pieces 



Our work with them was not limited to blogging only. We were also commissioned to manage their social media for 10 months, providing them with complete social media management, content creation and a content strategy that coincided with their blog strategy and overall marketing plan. 

Here is a sample of the design work we did for them, in accordance with their brand guidelines:


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