We developed 11 characters for them to represent members of their business that they were marketing. Each has a name and a backstory. Every single character is 100% original, one is based on one of the actual founders of the company and one is a caricature based on a photo they sent! Each character took a week from research, sketch to final. 

Introducing the Sourceree superheroes:

Close ups:


Sketch VS Final:


Character Story for Cyber Girl – Rebecca // Becca

After a long shift, Rebecca jumped on her motorcycle and headed home. The rain obscured her view slightly, but the road was empty enough at 3am. A drunk driver came out of nowhere, flinging her 100 feet from her seat and landing her on a treacherous cliff face. Her skill as a talented hacker was too important to lose, so she was taken to a special facility by her employer, who dabbled in AI tech and prosthetics, where she was made whole. Half human, half tech, her arms, legs and part of her face were replaced with AI prosthetics. Her technical upgrades have allowed her brain to work twice as fast, giving her the ability to problem solve at impossible speeds, while her robotic hands allow her to type so fast that they blur over the keyboard.

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