STOP chasing useless “viral” Marketing Trends that don’t yield results.

Grow your business with Branding that works for you,

not against you.

Make stronger connections with your market, gain long term relationships and increase revenue with ONE change.

Désiré • The Brand Maverick


No hashtags, AI prompts, viral hacks or secret tricks.

Just practical, sustainable methods based on actual results with real people.

Our unorthodox, experienced, data backed methodology on branding:

Branding isn’t just a logo.
It encompasses every single interaction your customers will ever have with your company, product or service.

It engages all five senses, and this is why the exclusive, luxury brands all have a signature scent, a signature look and a signature feel. 

This connects the physical senses of their clientele to their emotional experience with the brand, which is typically high-end; such as a glass of expensive champagne when shopping in a high-end boutique, reinforcing the idea that their brand is to be celebrated, with purchases being milestones.

After 12 years of research and testing with small businesses and high-net-worth individuals in a myriad of industries, we invented a method to develop brands in a way only done by the world’s leaders, but without the price tag. We are ready to bring this to the world.

Désiré is obsessed with branding in a way that’s hard to match. Her focus and agility are among the many qualities that make her work remarkable; her ability to see things from a different perspective due to her unique thought process is often akin to magic and the results are just that – magical.

Branding is the experience your customers have with YOU: your company, your people and your products and/or services are all parts of YOU. When you start applying these methodologies to your company, your top line increases, your people are happier and your customers are actively engaged.

It’s not a strategy or tactic – it’s a realignment of your company vision, serving as the North Star as you transition from a product-focused company to a brand-focused company.

Start your journey to become


We offer different ways to work with us,
depending on your requirements and available resources.

✅ You can learn under Désiré and do it yourself,

✅ You can do some of the work and she can do some of the work, or

✅ You can sit back and have Désiré do it all for you.

It all depends on your timeline, schedule and budget. You’re always in control.

We work with Businesses and Individuals, from bootstrapping micro-entities with solopreneurs to UHNW entrepreneurs and consultants who are pivoting into brand-thinking.

Book a call to find out which works best for you.

Désiré • The Brand Maverick


This is what one of Désiré’s clients had to say about her…

Désiré is a one-of-a-kind imaginative thinker and collaborative partner. I have found that her expertise and insight have been invaluable for the assignments and projects I have asked her to work on. It helps that she is personable, focused and very effective with everything she does – or at least everything I have seen her do. Perhaps her biggest asset is her experience from the times when she was building her business in the face of things that did not go quite so well. So she understands in her bones that success is hard to come by and brings that tenacity to her clients. In a world where grey conformity is the norm, she is an iridescent splash of colour – highly recommend!” – Ken Lyon, Virtual Partners.

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Who is Désiré?

Désiré • The Brand Maverick is a master of branding, marketing, automation and time. She uses her differently-wired brain to look at branding and consumer communication from a unique perspective, and find ways to hack time, making her incredibly efficient, which enables her to run her entire operation without investment funding. Her obsession with automation means that she does less admin, and more knowledge sharing.

Helping others perform at their peak is her focus, and she does this through sharing her expertise freely on her Vodcast (video podcast) and live shows, and more intimately on her Nexus programme.

When you join the Nexus programme, you’re not just learning about branding and marketing, you’re learning how to get out of your own way, get shit done, and take control of your life. This is a no-nonsense, kick up the butt kind of inspirational session.

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Désiré • The Brand Maverick