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TILTing Trailblazers from mehhh to ASTRONOMICAL! 🚀

Désiré, The Brand Maverick, is more than a global brand expert, neuroeconomics influencer and a superconnector; she is a catalyst for turning aspirations into tangible triumphs.

Désiré’s work is a fusion of artistry and strategy, infusing your brand’s narrative with abstract creativity. She crafts a unique experience that resonates individually with your customers, seamlessly aligning with your business objectives. Her commitment to excellence is evident in a meticulous research process, an unwavering attention to detail, and an unrelenting pursuit of perfection, enhancing every facet of her work.

Born in the UK, raised in the Caribbean, and enriched by Indian and Persian heritages, Désiré possesses a unique perspective that sets her apart in the realm of branding. This cultural richness informs her storytelling, making her a potent communicator and a true unicorn in the branding landscape.

Known for her exceptional efficiency, Désiré’s accelerated work pace, propelled by intense hyperfocus, ensures high-quality deliverables in significantly less time. It’s as if her brain operates on rocket fuel, consistently achieving exceptional results.

TILT Creative Agency

Désiré is the force behind TILT Creative Agency, a brand consultancy tailored for service-focused B2B Gen-Z and Millennial solo/entrepreneurs, consultants, startups, and micro, small, and medium businesses. TILT offers an intensive yet cost-effective service to clarify messaging, define brand DNA, and refine voice for increased revenue, market visibility, and competitive advantage.


Désiré has curated a community like no other. Drawing from personal experience, she understands the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and has made it her mission to create a community where trailblazers can thrive.

Désiré is not just a brand consultant; she is a dedicated educator. She offers hundreds of hours of video content and articles, bootcamps, community challenges, podcasts, and live streams. She’s given her community direct access to her branding methodologies, secrets for success and a real work/life balance.

But what truly sets Désiré apart is her commitment to giving back. Through TILT NEXUS, she’s created opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing countries to access valuable resources and support, which they would otherwise not have access to.

As a podcast host and prolific content creator, Désiré shares her insights through various channels, including social media, Youtube, The TILT Creative podcast, the weekly Elevate Your Brand free Zoom session and the Idea to Enterprise – Entrepreneur Think Tank live event on LinkedIn.

With an active LinkedIn following of 23,000, TILT Social network crossing 10,000 users in under four months, a WhatsApp contact base of over 47,000 people, and an email list of over 17,000, Désiré is a neuro-economics influencer with a substantial and engaged audience.

In her pursuit of elevating brands and changing lives, Désiré Mir continues to challenge the status quo, demonstrating that branding isn’t just a business endeavour—it’s a transformative journey.

If you want to work with her, join her on www.TILTnexus.com to find out how!

Désiré Mir (short for Mirtahmasebi), also known as The Brand Maverick, was born named Désiré Roberts. Some of her documentation and online presence hasn’t been updated yet, so you may find her under her previous name.

In late 2023, she decided to kickstart her personal brand, as she spent the previous eight years as the brain of TILT Creative, building the agency’s brand but not her own.

When she decided to open a full time consulting practice and hang her design/development boots up, it was time for a new chapter. TILT NEXUS and The Brand Maverick are at the forefront of that new chapter.

TILT Creative Agency still exists, but as a vehicle for her consulting practice, not as a marketing agency. The past eight years have been a wild ride, but all good things come to an end, and this is the next best step for Désiré, The Brand Maverick!