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Build your coaching, consulting or service-based business while growing a community of potential clients in a space designed to support businesses like yours…

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Désiré • The Brand Maverick


How you Benefit from Partnership:

One obstacle that many entrepreneurs face, including myself, is the ability to crowdsource ideas and have a safe place to be open about common issues, like client communication or cash flow hurdles. I spent two years searching; I created group chats and social media groups but nothing seemed to scratch the itch. So I built TILT NEXUS to solve my problem and it just grew into something much more beautiful.

Désiré has always wanted to support entrepreneurs who cannot afford a consultant, coach or mentor; and TILT NEXUS very quickly and easily became that vehicle for her to fulfil that passion of mine. She gives 40 hours a month of her time to the entire community, free of charge, because she genuinely wants to support her community.

Knowing that community is the way to future-proof a business, Désiré then went to work on an idea that can help other coaches, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs. TILT NEXUS is more than just a social platform; it offers courses, events, in-app live streaming, broadcast messaging for hosts, and even live group chats.

We want to give other coaches, mentors, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs the opportunity to build a community around their work, and earn money from their communities. TILT NEXUS Partners will benefit from additional network exposure through featured live streams, podcasts and better visibility across the network; and the entire community is comprised of entrepreneurs, most of whom are the target of most coaches, consultants, mentors and service-based entrepreneurs.

Promotion to the community is a given with our partners, and one of the ways we do this is through our featured live streams. They are recorded so you have the opportunity to showcase the many benefits of your business, product or service, with a video that doesn’t disappear from view, and you can speak directly with potential clients live. We love the live streams as you can showcase various parts of your services in real time, such as performing an audit or strategy with a community member as a live demonstration. You can then use this video to redirect potential clients to engage with you in your community.

We also keep the entire community engaged with our AI co-host – so you don’t have to worry about engaging your community; and your people get access to everything that we provide our network, including those 30+ hours of live streams every month, and countless hours of content and podcasts to watch.

What does this cost you?



No, it really doesn’t cost you anything to set up your own space, host live events, courses or a group chat. And you’ll have partnership access to the entire TILT NEXUS network, promoting your services alongside our own.

We have one condition: you sell your access subscriptions on the app, so that we can collect a small commission to cover the cost of running your space – and it’s only paid when you make money!

Building and running a community is hard work.

We know because we’ve been doing this since 2009,

This is for entrepreneurs, by an entrepreneur.

Let’s help you future-proof your business, sell more subscriptions and build a community for your services.

Désiré • The Brand Maverick


This is what one of Désiré’s clients had to say about her…

Désiré is a one-of-a-kind imaginative thinker and collaborative partner. I have found that her expertise and insight have been invaluable for the assignments and projects I have asked her to work on. It helps that she is personable, focused and very effective with everything she does – or at least everything I have seen her do. Perhaps her biggest asset is her experience from the times when she was building her business in the face of things that did not go quite so well. So she understands in her bones that success is hard to come by and brings that tenacity to her clients. In a world where grey conformity is the norm, she is an iridescent splash of colour – highly recommend!” – Ken Lyon, Virtual Partners.

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Who is Désiré?

Désiré • The Brand Maverick is a master of branding, marketing, automation and time. She uses her differently-wired brain to look at branding and consumer communication from a unique perspective, and find ways to hack time, making her incredibly efficient, which enables her to run her entire operation without investment funding. Her obsession with automation means that she does less admin, and more knowledge sharing.

Helping others perform at their peak is her focus, and she does this through sharing her expertise freely on her Vodcast (video podcast) and live shows, and more intimately on her Nexus programme.

When you join the Nexus programme, you’re not just learning about branding and marketing, you’re learning how to get out of your own way, get shit done, and take control of your life. This is a no-nonsense, kick up the butt kind of inspirational session.