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How Ghostwriting can improve your Real Estate Agency

Ghostwriting and real estate: people would rarely put them in a sentence together but they could be so powerful as a team. It could be as short as a blog or as long as a book, but ghostwriting is a very powerful instrument in a real estate’s marketing tool box, yet rarely used since most marketers don’t always completely appreciate the positive impact they can have on a marketing strategy. 

What is Ghostwriting? 

Ghostwriting is a pen for hire. In a nutshell, they are paid to write for someone else, and subject to their agreement, most times they are anonymous, giving full official credit to the client. Many books are written this way, both in the fiction and non-fiction categories, but the most popular use for ghostwriters is for autobiographies and memoires. Ghostwriters are tenacious researchers, have the ability to write in someone else’s voice, and are normally good editors. This plays a large role in determining what kind of ghostwriter you need, how much time you have available and what your budget is. 

How can Ghostwriting improve Real Estate Marketing? 

While ghostwriting might not be on a real estate marketer’s wish list, if you want to effectively elevate your business in your industry, one of the best ways is to literally write a book on it. A book might sound like a big project and a bit daunting, but an easy way to start is simply through blogging. Hiring a ghostwriter to blog for you allows your website to become a great source of information for your customers, both current and prospective. This is one of the best ways to improve your brand and your website in one hit. Regular blogging with the right keywords will improve your website’s search rank, and provide a shareable nugget that your readers can share with their social media networks, thus spreading the reach. Once your readers get used to you publishing rich information frequently, they will come back routinely, improving your website statistics. As you can see, there are many positive ways that ghostwriting can improve real estate marketing.

Turn your wisdom into money 

Writing a book on the secrets of real estate or making your home sale easier provides your business with an additional income stream as well as elevating your business’ reputation. People who buy your book are much more likely to convert into customers since they have already developed a connection with your business through reading the book. Those customers who read the book and enjoyed it will share it, and will also recommend your business as a result, even if they have not used your services yet. This in turn increases your main revenue stream and your book’s revenue stream. 

Increase your credibility 

There are goals beyond money… right?! Let’s say, you wrote the book on making your house sale smooth and painless (already sounds pretty awesome, right!) Instantly, any reader will associate your real estate agency with smooth and painless sales, which is exactly what any customer is looking for. Your business’ credibility increases, even if you gave the book away for free. There aren’t many real estate agents writing books, but if yours is, then you definitely know what you’re talking about. Having a published book cements your credibility – I mean, you wrote the book on it. 

Share your knowledge 

This isn’t just about book writing though. Blogs are one of the most popular forms of ghostwriting in commerce. Blogging is a great way to get the ball rolling on sharing industry knowledge and increasing your business’s reputation and credibility. While your advice and experience is what makes your business different from your competition, many customers are making those pre-sale decisions without speaking to companies first. Think about how you use the internet to shop. You might see an ad, click on it, and then check out their website to decide if they are a credible shop. Your customers are doing the same; they are judging you based on your website’s content. Before they reach out, they will poke around a little, take a look at the about page, and look at what is available. If you have a wealthy body of knowledge, their impression of you will be much more positive than if you don’t. This library of information allows your customers to quickly refresh their memory with certain procedures before they contact you; similar to an FAQ but much more in-depth. 

Corner a niche

Every business in any industry has a tiny niche mastered. It’s what makes two businesses in the same market different. Let’s imagine your real estate agency can sell anything, but really excels with fix and flips or investing. With the exception of word of mouth and hard sell advertising, how else can you tell potential customers that this is really what the money’s on? Blogging and book writing are both great ways to tell customers that you own that corner of the industry, that niche. By writing a body of knowledge on the topic, you are showcasing that you are, in fact, an expert on the area, and that instantly creates a bubble of trust and reassurance around your brand. From there, you can also expand a little into related areas, like staging properties, the right way to market a space, and even asset protection and real estate investing. Some topics may not be exactly what you do, but by providing a slightly wider topic range, your credibility will continue to increase. 

Why hire a ghostwriter and not do it yourself? 

Anyone can put a few hundred words together and call themselves a writer. Much of the writing on company blogs is from non-professional writers, but is it effective? While it might be much cheaper to do it yourself, there is a reason why there are writing professionals. With hair, you could have your partner cut your hair because we all know how to use a pair of scissors, but unless they are a hair professional, it would probably lack the look you’d leave a salon with. Likewise with writing, your work will lose the refinement of selling without selling, integrating keywords naturally, and weaving your brand’s story in each article, connecting them all with just a few cleverly placed words and giving your consumer something to think about, without them even realising. You hire a ghostwriter, because writing it yourself just will not be polished enough. Additionally, a good ghostwriter, like TILT Creative, will provide a content strategy based on their research of your industry, so you will have a healthy variety of content on your website to support your growing readership. 

About TILT Creative 

TILT Creative is a UK based creative agency specialising in content creation and managed solutions for blogs, websites, branding and social media. Désiré, the chief writer and artist behind TILT Creative, has worked with a variety of clients (from startups to luxury brands) across all kinds of industries (such as automotive, beverage, construction, oil and gas, tourism, and health and safety) across the United Kingdom, Dubai and the Caribbean.

TILT’s core philosophy is to change the perspective, or ‘tilt’ it. How can you TILT your business? Could it be a brand refresh, a better experience on your website, or perhaps a stronger blog strategy? Maybe writing a book on your expertise could skyrocket your company’s credibility and revenue? 

Désiré’s work quality stems from her ability to infuse your brand’s story with the essence of abstract creativity, and disseminate a unique experience to your customers on an individual level, while meeting your business’ objectives. Her comprehensive research process, attention to detail, and pursuit of perfection embellishes every piece of her work: writing and design. The results are always favourable.

Ready to TILT your business? Find out more at www.TILTcreative.agency or send an email to [email protected].

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