This copy was written for Connectium and commissioned by Purple Fedora.

Why you need an IT project management specialist 

Moving servers is no simple feat. Whether it’s one server or one hundred servers that require relocation, you will need an experienced project manager at the wheel. Why? Moving servers is a very expensive move if it all goes wrong. Why not have someone with decades of experience map out a comprehensive plan with a thorough risk assessment that highlights all the critical risks along with contingency plans for the predictable mishaps; every project experiences at least one setback, so why not avoid it? 

A qualified and experienced IT project manager will be able to provide a clear road map for your relocation, along with a solid plan on how to execute the move as close to flawlessly as possible, with as many of the usual setbacks avoided, costing your business much less in the long term. 

An IT project manager is not someone most companies will have on their payroll, they are only needed once every four or five years. This is why you appoint an external project manager who possess in-depth hands-on knowledge and experience. Connectium’s team has project managers with decades of experience with relocations of all sizes, ensuring that your project is in safe hands. Contact us today to discover the ways in which we can help you with your next relocation project.