This copy was commissioned by Purple Fedora for Royal Clean.

Passion. There is a passion behind Royal Clean that few specialist cleaning companies like ours can boast about. We are truly lucky and humbled to have the team that we have built around us, who all share this unique passion of getting the job done, polishing the finer details and ensuring that every surface from ceiling to floor sparkles with hope and anticipation. 

We aren’t just a cleaning company; Royal Clean is a family. We all work hard to achieve common goals, close projects in record time, and everyone is regarded equally, not treated like cogs in a wheel. This is why we can achieve the impressionably high quality standard that sets us apart from the rest. We all push a little further, and do a little more, since every little helps. Every single drop in the bucket contributes. 

As a team, we work. As a team, we play. And as a team, we win. We may be small, but we are mighty. 

Send an email to [email protected] or ring 0800 246 1216 to speak with one of our experts and have your building polished to perfection by our exquisite team.