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With the pandemic setting the world into a global communication tailspin as it mundanely chews on the threads holding the economy, organisations near and far are left to figure out how to navigate this constantly changing landscape at an unprecedented pace. Businesses that could, turned to remote working to keep their operations online and work force engaged. This filled most of the work from home calendars with endless video conference meetings, which many would not like to return to given how massively unproductive multiple consecutive online meetings were for those who had deliverables and project work to complete. However, many lessons were learned and one truth emerged that no one could argue: video chat is incredibly convenient. 

Saying ‘sayonara’ to travel time and traffic is one of the most popular benefits of video chat. Gone are the days when you needed to carefully factor in travel time and possible traffic into your diary between meetings, and suffer the consequences of miscalculating and arriving late or be forced to reschedule. No more “motorway traffic, bad crash” excuses for being late to that routine catch up meeting that few really take seriously. You instantly win back that time, so you can spend more time preparing and polishing presentations or documents for the meeting you’re about to have. Being able to attend a meeting from virtually anywhere has become a convenience that many would not like to let go of, but there are a few added benefits outside of the convenience factor. 

Video chat keeps you relatively safer, health wise 

We are still in pandemic mode, so it’s safe to say that health safety is still a topic that we’re all thinking about. Video chat is able to bridge that gap in communication and allow customers, teams and businesses to connect virtually, without increasing the risk to personal health. The benefit of already having video chat as a part of your customer communication all-year round is when flu season arrives, your team can reduce the rate of general office illness by using video chat to replace physical meetings that do not require their presence. This can apply to those who wish to self-isolate, shield, or are having difficulties with transportation or mobility, allowing them a communication alternative that did not previously exist, making your business more inclusive, while using the best live chat. 

Video chat increases your customer communication 

If your business has a large number of customers, it’s likely that you will be using some form of live chat, or the best live chat, to communicate more efficiently. Video chat from Click4Assistance allows your customer service agents to instantly start a video chat with just a click of a button. The seamless feature increases your customer’s experience and your agent’s productivity, removing the need for any additional applications or bloated third party software. Customers that can speak with you from the convenience of any location will attend more meetings and be more likely to recommend your business, since your customer service experience is superior and more convenient. 

Click4Assistance, the best live chat software 

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