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In part one of “tips to improve your online sales,” we described some of the more technical ways to improve sales on your website, such as upgrading your server, auditing and improving your user experience, improving your online support with a live chat on your website, automating everything you can and investing in reliable software. In this iteration, we will look at the marketing side a little closer with a stronger emphasis on engaging the customer and keeping them engaged. 

Use a more holistic marketing approach 

The operational word here is holistic. Marketing is not just a singular channel operation; in order for it to work effectively, your marketing strategy has to look at every possible angle that you can use to raise brand awareness and deliver your core message, which can include social media, blogging, email marketing and more. The best way to decide on your marketing tools is by listing every possible channel down in one column, then noting how each one will help your business grow, and eliminating the ones that will not bring any help. Then you’re left with a list of possibilities to structure into a strategy based on immediacy, budget and priority. 

Use a live chat on your website 

Of course using a live chat on your website will be an instant way to improve your online sales. Your customers will be able to easily chat with your customer service agents about any pre-purchase concerns and get help with navigation or finding an alternative product. 

Imagine walking into a high street shop but there is no one there to assist you. Everything is labelled with a brief description of the product and there is a self checkout, but you have a question about how the product fares after a few months of rigorous use, so who do you ask? You can try a quick Google search, but you notice another shop across the road has someone available to answer your questions. Naturally, you’d cross the street and make your purchase there, simply because there was someone to answer your question. This is how a live chat on your website works. You will have someone available to answer your questions and help you with everything you need, just like you would if you were in a high street shop. 

But what if the shop was open 24/7? It’s likely that your customer service agents work a normal 9 to 5, but your online shop does not close at 5pm when your customer service agents sign out. This is where some artificial intelligence can alleviate some of the pains you experience as an online vendor. With Artie and Coni, someone will always be there to answer your customer’s questions, no matter what time or day it is, and they can speak with an unlimited number of website visitors simultaneously, making them the most efficient members of your customer service team. They will also greet every incoming website visitor, which can increase your sales potential since every 1 in 4 people who use live chat on your website can convert into a sale. So, with one upgrade to your customer service arsenal, your sales potential immediately increases and you always have someone online to help your customers, even when your human team is offline. 

Click4Assistance, live chat on your website and more 

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