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As artificial intelligence technology permeates through every crevice of our lives at work and at home, the world’s best minds are looking for ways to push the technology further, to drive it to a new destination that was previously unimaginable. It was once so farfetched, that it was only found in fiction, and laid in the hands of creative minds, controlling the narrative and ruminating over how fantastic or destructive this technology could be. The earliest depictions of artificial intelligence were found in fiction, such as Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ and much later on the same themes played out in the ’Terminator’ franchise. The idea that a non-organic intelligent machine could be created, and possibly create global order by removing our autonomy, making us the lesser species, is petrifying, and that narrative is still very much in circulation today.  

Reality trumps fiction 

While fiction has painted a different world for artificial intelligence, reality has given technology a somewhat different sway. The idea of robots taking over the world in a global coup d’etat is far from what reality can apply, at least with the technology that is currently more widely available. For now, the smartest of our AI technology spends its time searching for cat videos on YouTube; far from the calculating precision of a T-800. 

The most widespread use of artificial intelligence sits in the palms of our hands: our smartphones. As mobile technology developed, the usefulness for a personal assistant became apparent. We needed to be able to work handsfree, so voice commands stepped in to fill the voids. Pre-programmed voice commands and replies evolved into the world of natural language processing, and as artificial intelligence technology continues to grow in tandem with mobile technology, it will only become more useful and engrained in our entire lives. 

The future is artificial 

The future of artificial intelligence will revolutionise a multitude of industries, such as healthcare where AI robots will perform surgical procedures that require extreme precision, and more ubiquitous domestically. Future homes will be built with artificial intelligence integrated, the same way cars now feature CarPlay as standard. Imagine waking up in the morning, and once your home system knows you’re awake, it will start an automated workflow which may include opening blinds, running the shower or starting the coffee maker. Many of the time-consuming tasks we do now will quite possibly be fully automated in the near future, such as house cleaning, cooking, laundry and driving, and homes are already being built with this technology in mind. The efficiency of life will precede any reservations of killer robots, as having your entire house spotless and laundry done without you ever lifting a finger is certainly something that most people will sign up for. 

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