This blog was commissioned by Transmedia for ClassCare.

Education is the life blood of progression. Through learning, society can build and transform from a budding nation to a global powerhouse, supporting its citizens in science, business, technology and the arts. From the prehistoric period, we have been teaching our children and families through stories about what is safe to eat, what predators to look out for and how to hunt. The ancient stories teach the seasons and the reasons, and through these, humans educated themselves and pushed the existing boundaries to develop technology that we all use today. 

The more sophisticated education became as did the need for schools and relevant education government departments to track student information, such as attendance records and grades to determine how students were performing at certain schools, what subject matter was better received than others and how students attendance was in certain areas. This data is critical to improving the education syllabus and developing new programmes that fit the socio-economic backgrounds of each village, town or city. 

This data needs to be collected by individual teachers, and becomes their responsibility to ensure it is accurately added to the larger roster, holding every student’s records for that academic year. Imagine the paperwork involved for attendance records for a class of 30 students and their grades. Now imagine the administrative nightmare tracking that for every student in every school in a certain district. You’re looking at thousands of students. 

ClassCare, the administration solution for education 

This is where ClassCare can support your teachers and schools. ClassCare is a full management system for education and allows you to manage students effectively, track attendance and absenteeism, set up timetables, manage calendar events such as assignment due dates, and track student progress. This will save your teachers hours of time, allowing them to focus more on teaching and less on uploading data. 

Students also have a portal that they can access online, allowing them to see their class timetables, grades and even interact with teachers remotely. This is fantastic when you have students who are learning remotely, as many have been during the pandemic lockdowns, to ensure that they are well supported and can keep on top of their classes and assignment calendars. Interestingly, remote interaction with teachers supports students who feel more comfortable reaching out for assistance online, rather than in person, ensuring that they get the help they need in the medium that fits their communication preferences. It can be that they have difficulties communicating in person or over the phone and prefer a text based medium as it feels less intimidating. 

Everything, right where you need it

ClassCare has everything a teacher or a school administrator needs, right at their fingertips. Beautifully detailed reports can be generated in seconds, and all school and class events can be seen from a bird’s eye view. Teachers and school administrators can easily identify students who are struggling with a subject matter, allowing them to intervene and provide the necessary support to these students, increasing the chance of them grading higher, rather than failing the class. 

Teaching is no longer as simple as educating a nation’s future generation; it’s full of paperwork and administrative tasks that can take hours. ClassCare gives teachers the power to take that time back and focus it on teaching, rather than manually generating reports. 

The need for greater efficiency in education in Africa and other progressing nations is resonating globally. Transmedia was proud to be invited to ScaleUp Africa to showcase their contribution to elevating education in Africa. Nick Stockbridge, Director of Transmedia, said, “The conference was a great way of highlighting all the emerging technology and initiatives that have been developed for Africa, and we are proud to be a part of that.” He continued, “The value of education is enhanced when reporting is consistent and teachers are free to devote their time to teaching rather than paperwork, and that is what we hope to achieve with ClassCare.” 

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