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Anyone working in fire protection can agree on one thing: taking photos on site has become a necessary part of the job, but not all systems manage it properly. The most time-consuming part of working on-site, as most fire protection operatives do, is getting administrative part thoroughly done, the photos properly organised and attached to the right job. Errors often go unnoticed in client reports and job files, as it is hard to keep track of multiple jobs with all the photos and reporting details for every single one after you have left the site. Some operatives go from site to site, get the hands-on part of the job done and then do the administration at home, relying on their memory to keep each site separate and recall key details, but we all know that memory is easily compromised, and once they have left a site, there are possibly minor details that should have gone into that report that will now not as they have been forgotten. 

In an ideal world, a fire protection operative will attend a job, perform their duties, take photos, then complete and upload their report before leaving the job site. Unfortunately, many fire protection companies do not use software or have workflows that support this. Some software requires an internet connection, others can only be used on a laptop or from the office. This leaves the fire protection operatives with little choice but to do the administrative work at the end of their day, since it’s more efficient, although it creates a greater chance of human error. 

Onetrace’s active and passive fire protection traceability software gives your fire protection operatives the ability to work on site from beginning to end, completing and uploading their reports right from the handheld devices. Built for mobile use, Onetrace is lightweight, intuitive and made for the future of fire protection. 

Snap, snap, go! 

Fire protection operatives are busy people and juggle a few jobs in a day, sometimes at different sites. Because of this, they need an active and passive fire protection traceability solution that will support their role, not add more administrative headache. With Onetrace, your operatives can easily take photos while they are performing their tasks right in the app, and it is automagically synced to the project. Say goodbye to taking photos on one device and sending them to the office or to yourself through email or WhatsApp. Onetrace ensures that the right photos are attached to the right jobs and the right reports, reducing human error massively. Doing the admin work while doing the job turns out to be a fantastic way to maintain efficiency and productivity while reducing human error. 

Snap now, upload later 

It’s 2021 and we still have problems with cellular reception in many buildings. Everyone who works on various floors knows the struggle of finding a mobile connection in the lower levels, especially in congested cities. Some buildings have Wi-Fi boosting hubs built in to keep network connectivity throughout the building, but not every building has this, and not every fire protection operative will have access to it, leaving them unable to have a stable connection wherever they are working, but with Onetrace, they no longer need to worry. Your fire protection operatives can simply capture the photos as they normally would in the app, and they will upload later when they are connected to the internet again. No fuss, no hassle. 

Photos for your accreditations 

Compliance has become a big deal for the fire safety industry following the tragedy at Grenfell Towers, which is why so many reputable contractors have switched to dedicated active and passive fire protection traceability applications. When Onetrace is effectively used, you can rest assured that even if your company has not applied for a fire safety accreditation, such as FIRAS or BMTRADA, your company can work to the standard of these accreditations and is closer in line with what is expected to be compliant. Onetrace doesn’t grant access to these accreditations, but it makes the process of administration significantly easier as the workflows were built with compliance in mind. 

The leading active and passive fire protection traceability app 

Anyone can say they are the best in the industry, but Onetrace has the proof and the pudding. There are few active and passive fire protection traceability solutions that are as comprehensive, intuitive and user friendly. Lightweight and accessible from your mobile and your desktop computer, Onetrace offers an app that gives your fire protection operatives the ability to work from anywhere, online or offline. Your operatives will appreciate not having to take work home anymore, and your administrative team in-house will enjoy the reduction in human error, missing photos and lack of details on job notes. Make the switch today and your team will love you for it.