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We spoke about how remote working has completely changed the way the fire protection industry works in our last article on remote working. Fire protection management is a hands-on, on-site job and away from the comforts of the office, so having instant access to everything you need as an engineer is paramount to getting the job done, thoroughly and on time. The OneTrace bonus is getting all the administrative work done in a snap, with a few taps on your phone or tablet. Imagine being on site and having your floor plans, job details and notes all in the same place, and then being able to upload your photos and fill out your forms right there and then, before you leave site, so when you get home, you can have a cuppa and relax. Sounds amazing, right? Well, we have something even more amazing. 

Remote working isn’t just about the engineers who are working on-site anymore. If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that having a solid remote working strategy for disaster recovery is valuable, and that most workers no longer need to be tied to a desk. What about the management team? While the boots on the ground can have their remote working woes magically resolved with a swish of the ‘ole OneTrace wand, many often don’t think about the guys who are coordinating in the background, ensuring that everything goes to plan. 

Team leaders, managers and executives need to be tuned into what’s going on in their organisation, every minute of the day, but often, they are reliant on the engineers on-site to communicate with their line managers, who will then carry the update up the chain. What happens when a job has either not been completed or has been reported with a concern but that information is with the engineer until they complete their paperwork in the evening and send it to the office? What if a manager is in a meeting with that specific client and could have brought that reported concern on-site to light in person? If they don’t have access to that information, they just don’t know until they are informed. 

Updates in real time, from anywhere

This is where OneTrace can bridge the gap. Your team can see real-time updates while your engineers are working on the job. As they upload photos, you can see them, and as they complete jobs, you can view their day. While this does not seem like much at a glance, the access to this information is valuable when you have to work away from the office, as you will have that access at the tip of your fingers, no matter where you are. Say goodbye to waiting on status reports that come up the chain. 

This method also reduces the need for status meetings, calls and emails, as team leaders can simply jump into the app and see everything they need to, without having to ask questions. This automagically improves everyone’s productivity, since without these frequent communication updates, team members can focus on the core of their role and let the OneTrace app do the update communication until they are needed to step in, such as when a job has not yet been updated when it should have been. 

Invite the clients for a peek too

The fun doesn’t stop for your own team; it’s available for your clients too! What if you had a client that liked to see things in real time, so that they did not feel the need to chase your organisation for an update? This makes their life easy too, which puts your organisation in a much stronger competitive advantage. Clients who have the option to see your team working in real time will have a much more relaxed experience, which leads to recommendations, repeat business and a stronger brand equity. 

Secure, so you never have to worry 

Digital security has become a point of concern for everyone, since criminals are becoming more sophisticated. Unlike many digital solutions, your data is encrypted in-transit making OneTrace just as secure and safe as a payment page during use, and your data is safe on our secured servers. You can relax, knowing that your data is safe and secure with OneTrace. 

If you want to watch your team remotely as they work, give your clients some “behind the scenes” VIP access, have peace of mind that your data is safe and use a system that supports your accreditations, it might be time to get in touch. You can request a demo and see what the fuss is about. 

But if you aren’t ready to commit, you can try OneTrace completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment. You have nothing but administrative nightmares to lose, and everything to gain. Take your business to the next level of innovative passive fire protection traceability and try OneTrace today!