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What if you could reduce your admin work to nearly nothing? Wouldn’t that be incredible? It sounds almost impossible… but it’s not! When we built Onetrace, one of the biggest problems we set out to solve is the administrative part of fire protection jobs. We understand that the paperwork can be a nightmare, especially when fire safety engineers visit multiple sites a day across different floors, so keeping track of what was where can be challenging. 

Leave work at work, don’t bring it home 

Many operatives who work in site-based environments with some form of administration carry the work home. Unless your company has kitted your work van out with a full mobile office and half-decent internet, it’s often impossible to get administrative work done on site. Imagine trying to pull out your laptop in the middle of a dusty construction site and type out a report with the sounds of drilling and loud banging in your ears, then looking for a stable signal because you’re in the basement and can’t upload the report without an internet connection but can’t close your laptop unless you’re done. This situation is massively counterproductive, yet very common, which is why we designed Onetrace to help you combat these obstacles. 

Work in the palm of your hand

Many work related apps, such as fire stopping software, can be clunky and slow, and they just don’t look like they were built for a mobile device… because they probably weren’t. Onetrace is different. We built it with mobile use in mind from day one, so it’s not only super slick and fast, but it’s also user friendly and intuitive. Let’s say you use an iPhone. You have all those familiar swiping gestures you are used to, which makes using the app simple from day one. But it’s packed with the features you need, so you’re able to do your entire report while you’re working on site. If you need to take before and after pictures, you’re able to do that in the Onetrace app and upload it to the job you’re working on… and then you’re able to add in the job details required, and BOOM! – you’re done. Now wasn’t that painless? ;) 

Online or offline… Work any way you want to 

We know internet is spotty on the best of days, especially if you’re working in a congested city centre. If you are going to be working in a basement in London, you know that mobile connectivity may not be stable or even exist, so you simply jump in your Onetrace app and ensure the job is saved to your device, so that you can access it offline. When you’re on site, you can use the fire stopping software as normal, and once you’re connected to the internet when you’re above ground, then it’s uploaded and live for the team at the office to access if needed. 

Snap photos on the scene and send them off tout-suite! 

The thing with fire stopping software is a lot of it was not built for remote working in mind – they did not build it for the operatives in the field, so Onetrace became the solution to that problem. If you’re on site and the office team is in a meeting with the client, they can provide live updates while you work, once you’re connected to the internet. If they wanted to show how efficient they are as a company, you can upload the photos on the ground, and they can show the client the updates as though they were on site with you! No more taking photos on your phone, then sending them to yourself in an email, downloading them to your desktop and uploading them to the clunky antiquated software that screams anti-innovation. Just snap and go with Onetrace. 

Onetrace, the best fire stopping software in the UK!

We’re passionate about making sure that your job as an engineer is easier, because if the administrative side is taken care of, then you can spend that precious energy ensuring that the job is well done. Fire protection is important work – it’s literally life saving, so it’s not to be taken lightly at all. This is why we are so committed to ensuring that your workflow is efficient and effective, and every step of the job is compliant. 

Fire stopping software does not have to be clunky. It can be sleek, smooth and sexy (well as sexy as an app can get!), and that’s what Onetrace is – the sleek, smooth, sexy fire protection app that will revolutionise the way you work, and the way your company works.