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When you think of a fire protection app, you don’t think about the financial element of it. You imagine it being the engine room of your operation, the remote base where your team connects and works from, the one place where everyone can see what everyone is doing. And with Onetrace, it really is that but there is a hidden feature of our fire protection app that will save your company a lot of administrative hassle: money. While Onetrace isn’t an accounting software and can’t replace your trustee magic money minder, it can make tracking rates a whole lot easier. 

See what a whole project costs at a glance 

Birds-eye views are a large part of gathering snippets of information for clients and internal communication. Rather than spending time in spreadsheets, trying to work out exactly what has been spent on a project thus far, Onetrace can easily give you this figure at a simple glance. See what you are spending where and easily manage the project’s overall budget. 

Put a cost to every task 

We understand that no two tasks are the same. They take different lengths of time to complete, they require varying skillsets or levels of expertise, and they might be related but they are far from a lookalike. There are many tasks a fire protection operative can perform, such as a fire stopping install and a fire stopping inspection, but in these two examples, while they are both similar, they require different strategies. In some cases, fire stopping inspection for buildings with very high ceilings may require more than just a ladder and a working-from-height certified fire protection operative: that might require more than one operative and possibly even MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) access! So with every job, you have to take into consideration that the rates and timeframes might be different, hence the ability to assign different rates to all types of jobs, from installations to maintenance. 

Incentivise your fire protection operatives 

With Onetrace, you can give operatives the opportunity to work on price work. Unlike other fire protection app options, we eliminate the headache of reviewing wages by reducing the likelihood of discrepancies when it’s time to review wages. With price work, the harder they work, the more they earn, and the more you earn as a company. It ensures that your team is working efficiently and maximising their potential as fee earners. 

Manage KPIs

When you’re investing in a team, you want to know that their time is maximised to their fullest potential. One of the ways many teams track this is through pulling together data into a spreadsheet and looking at the top fee earners in a company. Say goodbye to those spreadsheets and hello to Onetrace reports. From a quick glance, you can see all of your team members, daily or hourly paid and price job earners, and how they are working. This is massively helpful if you have operatives that are on daily paid work but not maximising their hours. We all want the best for our companies and teams, so this allows you see everything you need to from a bird’s eye view in order to make better decisions. 

Onetrace, the leading fire protection app 

Money is a huge deal in the fire industry but manually tracking that information can be a massive time blackhole. This is why we have built a financial tracker into our fire protection app, because we know exactly the frustrations involved with crunching numbers that should already be crunched. Let Onetrace do the number chomping for you, and you can just sit back and watch the magic happen. 

Ready to see why so many people are making the jump over to the leading fire protection app Onetrace? All you have to do is get in touch or request a demo. But if you’re not ready to commit, that’s entirely okay; you can try Onetrace completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment! We’re sure you’ll love it anyway!