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Diagnosing why your business may be losing jobs or not hitting your sales targets can be quite a challenge. Anything from a competitor offering something you’re not, to a gap in your sales process, or even something more difficult to change: your reputation, could be to blame. But sometimes, it does not have to be so sinister, it could just be your system. As technology advances and our whole world starts moving online, niche software for industries, including fire protection, has been gaining popularity. The business world is full of software subscriptions that cover every possible area, but with development happening at the speed of light, there are some hidden costs. 

While jumping into new software can be exhilarating, you have to look at the long term costs associated, whether the software will grow with you as a business, and how the software developers will tackle change in the industry. What about the security aspect? Will your data be secure? Will this software make your organisation more efficient and effective? OneTrace morphs and evolves with the industry, and keeps their pricing competitive, security standards high and teams efficient. As the fire protection industry looks to the direction of regulation and accreditation, OneTrace is here to make sure that your organisation is on the pulse. 

Expensive software = smaller margins 

One of the biggest hurdles of fire protection traceability software is pricing. There are a few options of traceability software available on the market. Some are cheaper but not easy to use, and some can be pricey since they charge up to £150 per drawing. And then we have OneTrace, the hero of the day that’s easy to use and billed per user, monthly. Say goodbye to charging your clients for drawing upload fees, and say hello to healthier profit margins and more competitive pricing. 

And if that wasn’t the best thing ever, the baseline costs for OneTrace are significantly lower overall, instantly decreasing your overheads while increasing your efficiency. 

Complicated software means no one wants to use it 

No one wants to use complicated, clunky, counterintuitive software that looks and feels like it’s stuck in the 90’s. In today’s world of material design, outdated user experiences and interfaces, such as the one you’d find on a commonly used software, will deter your team from actually using the software you’ve paid for, rendering the whole “going digital” initiative useless, since one person in the office who knows how to use the software effectively would essentially become the person responsible for updating projects that the engineers on site should be. That does not make any sense. 

Traceability software for fire protection should be simple and intuitive to use. It should look and behave like an app, and have familiar gestures and a no-nonsense interface. It should feel like you know exactly where to go the first time you open the app, and it should be very easy to update job notes, add or edit data, mark up drawings and upload photos. It should feel like an app, and that’s exactly what OneTrace feels like. The intuitive design and flow gives your engineers an efficient method of managing their jobs on site, and your internal managers have everything they need to access remotely, allowing your team to be proactive in times of pandemic. Your team can access their jobs, from their smartphone or tablet, with or without an internet connection, so you never have to worry about mobile data coverage on site.  

Give clients a VIP seat

Invite your clients to keep updated with their projects in real time with VIP front row access. This gives your client the independence to check in on their own time without interrupting your project managers’ day, maintaining efficiency throughout. 

Beautiful reports in seconds 

Tap, tap, tap, export, send, done. That’s the report you needed, exported and sent to your boss’ or client’s email, in under a minute. Now you can have a cuppa and relax. OneTrace reports are fantastic when a main contractor is after some quick statistics, since you can give them what they need in an organised manner, quickly, increasing your chances of working with them. 

Main contractors are increasingly looking at sub-contractors who use OneTrace since the application is built with third-party accreditations in mind, like FIRAS and BM TRADA, and organisations that use OneTrace are will have more comprehensive reports and job notes, and have all their photos, floor plans and markup drawings in one place. Knowing that OneTrace makes such a positive productivity impact on a team, main contractors see it as a desirable asset which can work to your benefit when trying to win work. 

Save money, win more work, be more productive, become more compliant with accreditation standards, and generate great reports, all from one app, OneTrace. Give your team and your clients the gift of data security and remote access in one easy to use interface, which you can try completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment. It’s time to get in touch or request a demo to see what the fuss is about.