This copy was commissioned by Purple Fedora for Royal Clean.

Royal Clean is a London based commercial cleaning service, offering contractors and developers a service that makes their work gleam and sparkle after a new build or refurbishment. We do not provide anti-viral sanitisation or disinfection. 

Sanitisation has been a hot topic since the pandemic spread throughout the country, however, one must take care when hiring a sanitisation or disinfection service. Commercial cleaning for buildings differs greatly from specialist cleaning for places like hospitals, healthcare practices or factories. Likewise, professional sanitisation or disinfection for contagious viruses, such as influenza and coronavirus, is a specialist area and should only be done by companies that are qualified and legally compliant to do so.  

Experience and compliance play a significant role in anti-viral sanitisation. It is advised, in any scenario where there would be a higher demand for these services, to look carefully at the experience and legal compliance of disinfection companies, especially those that have popped up recently. While it might be tempting to opt for a more cost effective option, you run the risk of the solution not being as effective as bargained for, costing a lot more in the future. In this case, if a company has not hired a reputable, legally compliant sanitisation company, they run the risk of having a virus outbreak in their offices, potentially sparking an office-wide quarantine requirement for all staff. This can be avoided by employing a specialist disinfection company with extensive experience in the area of anti-viral sanitisation and disinfection.