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It’s 2021, and productivity is the name of the game. The fire industry has not always gotten a great deal of love in the productivity department… until now. With Onetrace’s fire protection app, your team can easily say goodbye to bloated and slow software and hello to sleek, smooth and intuitive Onetrace. 

Onetrace was built by fire protection experts for fire protection operatives, so we know the pain points of the job and built a solution to fit those pain points. Our passion and dedication to fire safety and protection are paramount to our drive to support the changes in the fire industry to make buildings safer for everyone. This isn’t about a fire protection app – this is about saving lives and making our homes safer. 

Working alongside companies with accreditation models such as FIRAS and BMTRADA, your workflow on Onetrace is compliant to these standards once used effectively, saving your company time and money in the long run. Even if your business has not applied for these accreditations, someone might audit your work done today in the future, and Onetrace can help you get in line with their guidelines, reducing your preparation work.  

Work on your terms – anywhere, anytime 

Our entire world has changed, permanently. The lockdowns have taught many businesses how to pivot in a remote working world, and companies have found ways of increasing their productivity and efficiency through software and apps. There is no turning back now; this is a new dawn for technology. Fire protection apps like Onetrace offer your operatives productivity like no other: it’s an app that looks and feels like an app, and as intuitive and user friendly as you’d expect. But with Onetrace, your operatives can work remotely on site, yet while you’re at the office or working from home, you have live updates as they work, so you can see a job progress live. Now that’s remote working done right! 

Online or offline 

It’s incredible to think that in 2021 there are still problems with cellular reception in certain areas or on some floors of buildings. As one of the most developed nations, “no reception” should not be an expectation, but we have not yet discovered a more widespread solution for not having a stable connection in the below-ground levels of a building that you’re working in. So Onetrace fire protection app has developed a neat workaround: working offline. No matter where you are, you can continue using the app by simply downloading the jobs to your device while you are online. Work as you normally do and when you’re done and above ground, the information will sync to the cloud, just as it would be if you were working online.  

Snap and share… in a snap! 

Photos are a key part of any fire protection operative’s role and has been for a long time to safeguard responsibility and accountability. Unlike other fire protection app options, Onetrace allows you to take the photo on site from your smartphone or tablet, and upload it straight into the job, reducing the administration time and effort previously required to attach job photos to a job report. No more emailing photos to yourself, saving them to the desktop and then attaching them once you got to the office or home. Say sayonara to sending job photos to the office through email or WhatsApp. When you complete the job and leave the site, the job is complete, admin included. 

Compliance, by default 

We all know what it’s like when it’s accreditation audit time: utter and complete chaos. It requires everyone to pitch in and ensure that every single report is double and triple checked, and then we have to perform the triple quality control checks. What if an operative forgot to submit photos for a job done nearly a year ago? What about the floor plans for a job that wasn’t added eight months ago? The team now has to track down every single detail, and everyone is expected to have their photos, floor maps and other details on hand… It’s an impossible administrative nightmare from hell. 

Smart fire protection companies use software like Onetrace to keep them in check, so when the auditors come knocking, it’s a walk in the park. Everything is already there, since we built the fire protection app with the accreditations in mind. No more nightmare admin work a week before audit day. 

Onetrace, the best fire protection app for your company 

Not all companies are created equal, but for fire protection, your company needs a robust system to maintain first class efficiency in your industry. We understand the job from every angle, and built Onetrace to mitigate all the headaches that you would experience as a fire safety technician while fulfilling the guidelines for accreditations so that your company, accredited or not, is compliant. It’s time to switch to Onetrace today and discover a whole world of possibilities.