This blog was commissioned by Onetrace App ↗️

We are privileged to live in a world where we can look around and find at least a dozen inventions in our line of sight that have made the world a better place. The internet, central heating, the device you’re reading this article with, electricity, cars, toasters, vacuums, zippers… We are surrounded by small and large inventions that changed the world in their own way, and everyone wants a piece of that pie. Not every inventor has been as prolific as James Dyson, Nikola Tesla or Steve Jobs, but that idea of an invention going viral, changing the world and hitting the jackpot keeps people inventing. People often focus on the successes and forget about the thousands of failed prototypes that preceded that success in your hands, and their minds then run onto the profits made from this invention and their minds race at light speed…

The world is full of entrepreneurs who want to strike gold overnight. We see it everywhere: on our Instagram, our Facebook and our LinkedIn direct messages. Everyone seems to be hustling something, and absolutely nothing is wrong with that, but we do things a little differently here at Onetrace. Our fire protection software is not a hustle, not an overnight invention concocted to make quick cash and move onto the next project. Onetrace is developed from a need… A need for innovation in the fire protection industry… A need for better regulations for fire building safety… And a need for a more efficient system of working for fire protection operatives, because the administrative requirements need to keep up with the digital age. 

Why do we do what we do? 

The ‘why’ is so important to what we do. The ‘why’ is the driving force behind pushing our teams to build a better application and develop a more intuitive interface. But the why is simple: to save lives. We are committed to fire protection in a way that most people aren’t. We want to see better regulation and accountability in the industry, because it’s about saving lives in the bigger picture. We are passionate about ensuring that our users have the best possible experience with our fire protection software and that it makes their jobs more efficient, easier, and ensures that safety and compliance are at the top of the list. 

We’re not just inventors, we’re innovators 

Inventing isn’t rocket science, unless you’re building an actual rocket. It’s easy to create something new and get people excited about it, because it’s a brand new thing that’s never before been seen. There is a sense of awe, struck instantly, with a unique invention, but innovation and iteration are a different story. You have to be an engineer at heart, whether it’s the newest type of trainers that allow runners to run a millisecond faster or a new application that can make someone’s life easier. Engineering is at our core. 

Before we made Onetrace, we spent a long time looking at various solutions to the same problem. For years, fire protection operatives have found little ways to make their work easier, retrofitting workflows, productivity hacks or apps not designed for fire protection into their day just to shave a few minutes here and there. They would work around the job, just to find a small amount of efficiency. And then we built Onetrace. 

With Onetrace fire protection software, we brought fire and software installers together to find a solution to the biggest problems that fire protection operatives face daily: their workflows. It’s nigh on impossible to guarantee stable internet connections on every floor of a building, so we built Onetrace to work offline, so the work continues, even if you don’t have an internet connection. The paperwork can be a nightmare, so Onetrace was built to make that process quick and easy, and say goodbye to forgetting to attach photos to your work reports, because Onetrace allows you to take photos on site from your smartphone or tablet, and upload them right then and there. It’s built to ensure you, as a fire engineer, are compliant in every way, and reduces the administrative side of the job tenfold, so you can spend more time doing your job on site, and less time trying to finish your paperwork. Once you leave the site, you’re done; isn’t that better than taking that admin work home? 

Always improving 

Just because we’ve built Onetrace does not mean that we will stop. The biggest part of our job as installers, inventors and innovators is looking at how we can build upon what we have, to make it better, faster, more efficient, or more user friendly. We can’t stop developing, and often, once we’re finished building one version, we’re already onto the next one… So we will never stop improving until there is nothing left to improve. That’s the magic of Onetrace, so call us today to find out how we can support your fire protection operatives.