This blog was written for Click4Assistance and originally published on 2019/12/18. ↗️

How much do you know about your website visitors? Do you know who they are or what they are interested in? What are they clicking on the most? Is your product offering aligned with their interests? Is your website’s overall user experience satisfying their expectations? Are you assisting your visitors find the information they need to make a purchase? When you have a website, especially as a business, you need to know the answers to these questions, else you are missing out on a massive amount of sales.

Who are your visitors?

Most websites today have Google Analytics reporting set up to track their overall traffic, general audience and bounce rates. From this report, you will have a good idea of where your users are frequently visiting from, or what the most popular pages are on your website, but you don’t have the opportunity to track these visitors individually and funnel the hot leads for conversions. This is where Click4Assistance comes into play. Our chat integration has the ability to assign contact information to website visitors so that you can track their interests on the website. You can also configure the system to automatically create a visitor profile for you when a conversion trigger has been activated, ensuring that you don’t lose any data on that lead.

Identify hot leads

If someone gave you a full list of all the hot leads in your target market, would you not use it to your advantage? We’d wager you would. This is what visitor activity tracking does. The system identifies who these hot prospects are, and filters them into a list for you to track them. You’d instantly identify important visitor information as they browse your website so that you can analyse their visitor behaviour. You can even track their buying patterns to provide a customer journey that resonates better with their needs. Using coloured hotspots, you can see at a glance which are the more commonly visited pages, and visually determine what parts of your website need improvement.

Monitor conversions

After you’ve spent some time tracking your visitors’ footprint, it’s time to see who and how they are converting. A conversion could be a brochure download, a purchase or even completing a form; as long as the action collects visitor contact details. The chat integration will automatically sync order details, reference numbers and chat histories. Tracking conversions is crucial to any business with an online presence. You need to know what works, why it works and how well, in order to develop the right customer journeys for the right visitors.

Increase your sales

After identifying your leads and monitoring conversions, it’s time to look at increasing sales. Click4Assistance’s promotions feature allows you to create fully customisable banners for your website that command acknowledgement. This instantly boosts conversions and sales, while making visitors more aware of your latest deals and offers. You can even remind them to complete a purchase if they haven’t checked out.

Promotions puts you in control. You determine how often it shows, where, what triggers it, and how you redirect users on their customer journey. You can create sale pop ups, create mailing list subscription banners or even create roadblocks that force the user to acknowledge the promotion.

The best part about promotions is that it works without the intervention of a customer service agent, saving time and money while increasing sales.

Improve customer service

Customer service tools on your website can make or break your online sales. Some customers prefer self-service methods like FAQs, and others prefer a quick chat before clicking checkout. Live chat integration allows your visitors to quickly clear up any concerns they may have before they invest in your business. Studies show that visitors who use live chat are more likely to convert than those who don’t.

Engaging visitors when they need your assistance will greatly improve your customer service. When a hot lead seems to be fishing for more information, as seen by their real time navigation, send them a proactive message asking if they would like to chat in real time. Live chat integration allows your team to understand where your visitors are from, what device they are using and study pages being viewed in real time.

Collect meaningful data

Earlier in this article we touched on the chat integration automatically creating a visitor profile once a conversion trigger was activated; this allows their activity on your website to be recorded. That data is collected and you are able to view comprehensive information regarding visitor navigation patterns along with chat activity, and even conversion history. These reports give you a more holistic view on how your visitors engage with your website and what their interests are more aligned with.

SmartContact forms by Click4Assistance allow you to capture information from visitors even when you’re offline. Collect the data you need to help your visitors with their journey and engage with them more online and offline. Turn more leads into customers.

When it comes to identifying hot leads and converting them to sales, Click4Assistance is the UK’s premier GDPR compliant live chat software solution. Make your business more efficient and productive by giving us a call on 08451235871 or sending an email thet[email protected]. One of our team experts will be with you right away.