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We speak all day long, but how well are we communicating? How well is your healthcare practice communicating with your patients? If you rang 50 of your customers, would they say that they can easily have a conversation with your practice or would they say that it’s usually only on a needs-must basis and a bare minimum? 

Having a healthy patient base is important for any practice, and an easy remedy is to have an open communication channel for your patients. But we understand that it’s often challenging to manage all the incoming communication as it is, far less to start having conversations with patients beyond the needs-must limits. What if we told you there was a way to make your communication at your healthcare practice so efficient that even a conversation would be simple to have with patients, and this would be cost effective and massively beneficial for your patient experience? Well there is, and we’ll show you how in this article… 

Reduce the swelling  

With all healthcare practices, your telephone lines are congested, and with a finite number of administrative staff, there are only so many calls that can be answered at the same time. This leads to many people waiting on hold in a backlog, like a clogged artery. The best way to relieve the pressure and reduce the congestion is to apply a simple solution: a live chat for your website. This will give your customers an alternative to calling the office and offer a shorter waiting time to speak with someone, which automatically reduces the number of people who will call the office, thus reducing your call volume. 

Accelerate the efficiency 

Every organisation is focused on maximising efficiency, regardless of industry. In healthcare practices, administrative team members have duties that would be different from someone working in a standard office, so they have to manage their time and workflows differently. By adding in a live chat for your website, your administrative staff can speak with multiple patients at a time, unlike with telephone calls, making your staff much more productive and allowing them to clear the congestion and reduce the inflammatory telephone lines much faster than before. 

Reach the source quicker 

We would all like to spend our days chatting away with patients but there are many patients that need treatment and that treatment takes time. With the telephone lines decongested and a live chat for your website working its way through your communication system, your patients will find that sometimes, live chat will be quicker to touch base with your practice than picking up the phone

Keep the treatment ongoing 

Now that your healthcare practice is able to speak with patients faster and more frequently, the overall patient care level will naturally increase, since they are more likely to come back to you with a progress update, letting you know that their treatment is working as it should and if it isn’t, you are able to change course in the early stages. A better flow of communication will allow a better overall treatment plan, and healthier patients. 

Book appointments much easier 

Live chat for your website is not only for touching base with patients but they can more easily book appointments, request prescriptions and more. It is much more convenient to book an appointment through a live chat than having to wait for ages in a telephone queue, just to make an appointment which takes under a minute. Processing bookings online is also much faster for your administrative staff as well, since they will be able to chat with multiple patients simultaneously, making their time more productive. 

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