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Every business and customer-facing organisation gets plagued with calls. It’s a by-product of effective advertising, marketing and sales, and it’s exactly what business owners and organisation executives want to see: busy phone lines mean business is good. But we live in a world of instant, global communication, where productivity takes precedence and executives want maximum efficiency. How does one achieve this? 

Step one: live chat website software 

Customer service departments are traditionally left behind in terms of technology, but with the wave of digital transformation and the widespread focus on the customer experience of the last five years, customer service agents are seeing the much needed developments come to their departments. The fastest way to improve your customer service department’s productivity is to add in live chat software. Live chat gives your customers an alternative to ringing your offices, and it’s convenience is much more suited to those who cannot wait indefinitely on hold, or those who are not in a position to speak verbally but can have a text based chat with one of your customer service agents. When a percentage of your customers who would be waiting on the phone decide to use live chat, the volume of customers flooding your lines decreases, freeing up the queue for those who are on hold. This improves the experience for your telephone customers, while providing a better experience for those who are contacting you through your live chat website software

Ramp up the productivity 

Live chat not only benefits your customers’ productivity but your agents’ productivity as well. When an agent picks up a call from a customer, they can only speak with that individual customer for that duration, but with live chat website software, your customer service agents can speak with multiple customers simultaneously, making them much more productive instantly. Imagine trying to juggle multiple customers over the phone; it would be chaos! But with live chat, your customer service agents can chat with multiple customers more easily, and keep the flow of communication at a much higher pace than with just telephone calls. 

Escalation made easy 

One hidden benefit of live chat is transferring customers. In the past, if you needed to escalate a matter to a superior, you would have to place the customer on an indefinite hold while you wait to speak with your superior to update them on the customer’s issue. The supervisor would then take the call, and run it up the chain if needed, repeating the same wait process for the customer, often at the cost to the customer as many help desk lines are premium charged. With live chat website software, your customer service agents can transfer the customer with ease to their superior without all the hassle of placing them on hold and running up a phone bill since live chat is free for the customer. 

User friendly, discreet, more inclusive and cost effective 

Another hidden benefit of live chat website software is it’s ease of use, especially for those who have difficulties with communicating over the phone. This method of communication allows your customers, regardless of where they are, to contact your customer service agents at their convenience in a discreet manner. Sometimes, customers need to reach out to a business but they are at the office and cannot stay on the phone for very long, whereas other customers may have difficulties with speaking with someone over the phone and prefer a text based channel of communication. Either way, it’s the most cost effective way to reduce your call volume and skyrocket your productivity while improving your customer service experience.

The best live chat website software on the market 

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