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If it’s one thing we all learned from the pandemic, is the importance of being able to work remotely. Another thing we learned is how incredibly unprepared most industries were for a sudden need to work remotely. For the past few years, IT departments and consultants had been preaching the importance of digital transformation and the pandemic was one reason a change of operational workflow was important. Many systems suddenly had to be brought online while simultaneously training staff to access and work remotely, in the middle of a pandemic, leaving everyone scrambling. This was the disaster that IT professionals had been warning against. But most who could, got there in the end, with physical meetings becoming video calls, and soon days were full of back-to-back video conferences. 

Unlike many fire stopping app solutions, we built Onetrace remote working ready. We never thought about working remotely as an optional add-on or an afterthought. In fact, the entire system was designed because fire protection operatives actually work remotely, but the systems that existed to support them weren’t. Because remote working is built as a foundation of Onetrace, you know that it’s done properly with our fire stopping app. 

Use the tech you’ve already got

Smartphones are so ubiquitous that most people have at least one, with many fire protection operatives having a separate device for work. So why not utilise the equipment that’s already in the palm of their hands? The benefit of using a smartphone or a tablet, rather than a laptop on site, is simply because they are handheld. Unlike laptops, you don’t have to find a desk to use them, which can put a real spanner in the works for operatives since many sites don’t have office access. But, with Onetrace, you don’t need to find a desk. You just need to whip out your mobile phone! Also, this can save companies thousands in equipment expenses because they won’t have to pay out for laptops for all field team members. Cha-ching to your bottom line.  

Photos are so much better

Now that we’ve established that your company is in the best hands with Onetrace, we can show you a few other cool things that make remote working a cinch! Photos have always been an administrative nightmare for both your office staff and your operatives. Now operatives on site can just pull out their phones, open the job, take some photos and, like magic, the team at the office can see them minutes after they were taken. 

Access to information online or offline 

One of the biggest issues with working remotely is data connectivity. Even in 2021, we are still struggling in some buildings to get any cellular reception, especially on the levels lower than ground-level. The most annoying part of any remote working system is not being able to access the project files or information you need because it’s only available online. This defeats the purpose of having the system, because your fire protection operatives have to then hunt for a stable connection to find the information they need. With Onetrace, your team can say goodbye to that headache altogether, since our fire stopping app works online and offline. Amazing, isn’t it?! If your team knows they are working in a dead zone, they simply download the jobs and projects they need access to on their devices, and they can work as normal. Take photos, mark up drawings, add job details, everything. Once they are connected to the internet, the fire stopping app automatically syncs and the team at the office now has immediate access to everything. 

Speaking of teams and remote access, did you know that with Onetrace, your team can see everything the operatives working in the field are doing in real-time? When your fire protection operatives are out on a job, uploading photos and marking up drawings, your team at the office, or working from home, can see their progress, so no more chasing operatives to find out which job they are on, or how much of the job is complete. From the information updated in the app, your coordination team can map their progress. 

Are you ready to make the switch to a better fire stopping app? Is your team ready to experience the best remote working app for the fire protection industry? Then all you need to do is get in touch or request a demo. If you’re not ready to commit, that’s okay – you can try Onetrace completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment. It’s that simple.