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Audits are everyone’s favourite thing to hate. Sometimes, just thinking about it has run chills down your spine, planted dread in your mind and spiked your heart rate. There is so much preparation that typically happens just before an audit, but how much of this is avoidable? Prior to an audit, your team will huddle up, decide on the priorities, divvy up the workload and hope (and pray) that everyone gets it done bang on the deadline. 

Auditors are like bloodhounds for discrepancies, inconsistencies and incomplete paperwork. It’s their job to look for these, just to make sure that your organisation, big or small, can meet the demanding criteria for their esteemed accreditation. Like headmasters, they are made to strike fear into your soul, just so that you might slip and grant them unfettered access to that one document that does not meet the standard, giving them some ammunition to report an observation or finding. Wherever your errors lie, an auditor will find them. If you’re an auditor reading this, we love you, we promise! 

Never fear! OneTrace is here, to save the day and your accreditation 

Imagine if you possessed this magical bell that would hypnotise an auditor into submission so that you could have your accreditation and eliminate the stress. That would be pretty awesome and many would want to retrofit this for the boss to get a raise and four-day weekends, but alas, that magical bell does not exist… so we made the next best thing: an app that supports your organisation in line with your accreditations. This means that OneTrace is structured so that your paperwork and administrative nightmare should be eliminated, if used correctly, and when audit season comes around, your business doesn’t look like it was hit by Hiroshima. 

The brass tacks. How does this work?

Let’s start at the beginning. When your engineers are on-site on a job, they have to complete paperwork and supply photos as the administrative part of their role. Before OneTrace, they would go do the job, note any findings, take photos and then when they got the opportunity to pull out their laptop or when they got home or to a mobile office, then they would complete paperwork to report findings and sent that over to the team along with any photos taken. Sometimes floor plans or drawings wouldn’t be returned to the office for weeks, so the administration team then has to track down which projects they belong to, consuming hours of precious time. With OneTrace, your engineers fire up the app, get access to all the floor plans and details they need, markup documents as needed and upload all the photos they took along with submitting their report, before they leave site. Compliance check ✅. 

From the leadership perspective, everything can be seen remotely, as it’s happening, so team leaders and managers have a bird’s eye view of all the projects and jobs in real time. This allows them to see what documents were uploaded and can track down what projects or jobs are incomplete or non-compliant, which would be more likely to fail an audit, so they can be corrected as they happen, rather than a week before an audit. It’s a matter of doing five minutes of work today, to save yourself from hours of headache in the future. This will also get your whole team on board with due diligence, and with this shared responsibility, everyone is working together for the same goal. 

Audits are important

Having an independent company audit your document recording and compliance can keep your organisation in check, but also ensures that your team is getting the work done. Sometimes, it’s easy to cut corners if you don’t have strict consequences. Accreditations give clients that peace of mind that your organisation has passed the rigorous independent auditing process, and gives you a much sharper competitive edge. 

Let’s help you with your audits

OneTrace is just one of those magical treats that can help support your business and organise your administrative headaches to reduce your auditing pain points. Give your team the power of productivity in the palm of their hands and stay on top of your paperwork for auditing, all while enabling your organisation to work more effectively when remote and see everything from the office with a bird’s eye view. Ready to dive in? Get in touch and request a demo to see what the fuss is about. 

If you aren’t ready to commit, you can try OneTrace completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment. Take your business to the next level of innovative passive fire protection traceability and try OneTrace today!