This copy was written for Connectium and commissioned by Purple Fedora.

Got a data centre? When was your last audit? 

Over time, server rooms and data centres become less tidy than when they were first installed. Records are often not properly updated, with many smaller changes lost to the netherworld. This issue is compounded when staff change, as the knowledge of changes leaves with them. What happens when you have an emergency fault-finding mission? Records will not reflect every single change, and cabling would have become untidy, creating an unnecessary hurdle in front of your emergency special mission team. All of this leads to an extended period of downtime that could be avoided. 

This is why auditing regularly is so important. It’s critical, especially for data centres, that records reflect as close to precisely what sits in that room and exactly where. Maintaining downtime to an absolute minimum should be the key goal for every data centre, so keeping on top of accurate records should be a priority. 

It’s best practice to have an annual comprehensive data centre audit, to keep your records updated and your racks neat and tidy, establishing more accurate documentation. Then should the need arise for an emergency fault-finding task, it will significantly reduce downtime, saving your business time and money. 

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