This blog was commissioned by Onetrace App ↗️

Onetrace is awesome; we know it; you know it; everyone knows it. But sometimes we need to reintroduce ourselves and tell everyone why we’re so great for the fire protection industry. We already go above and beyond with our groundbreaking features, and our research and creative thinking permits us to look ahead and give your team solutions for problems you didn’t even realise were problems. We’re always innovating our fire stopping app, with every iteration bringing you a feature or option that makes your work more efficient. While we plan for the future, here are five reasons to switch to Onetrace in the present and start reaping the benefits today. 

Reason One: Remote working done right! 

2020 brought with it not just a new year and a pandemic, but it also showed the world how incredibly effective remote working could be. The only problem was that most businesses were not prepared for remote working, and many software options are built with remote working as an option, not as a foundation. While the world had to play catch up, Onetrace was already there since we built remote working into our DNA as a company. Our understanding of remote working allows your entire team to work from anywhere, without limitations or exceptions. 

Reason Two: Client Access

Meetings can be time-consuming and often unnecessary, especially update meetings. Many of us slug through them, wishing the scheduled meeting was just an email, phone call or just didn’t exist at all. We get that, and Onetrace not only gives your team real-time access to exactly where your operatives are in the field and the progress of the job, but you can also give your clients this access in order to reduce your need for update meetings. This gives your client the ability to see this information from anywhere, freeing up their day and your own. One massive bonus here is if you’re a guest user, which a client would be, and you have multiple contractors who use Onetrace, you can access them all under one user account, so no logging in and out. Everything in one place, in one app, right where you need it. Au revoir status meetings and forgotten login details! 

Reason Three: Third Party Accreditations 

We love an accreditation, but it’s all about safety! In the fire protection industry, accreditations are not [yet] mandatory, but Onetrace’s workflows and framework are built around accreditations such as BMTRADA and FIRAS, so if your team uses Onetrace properly, your operatives will work to compliance standards, whether or not you have the accreditation. 

Reason Four: Reduced Admin, and errors!

Ah, sweet music to our ears… Reduced admin work… If used effectively, your administrative team and fire protection operatives will have less admin work to do. This means everyone can get back to doing the work rather than just punching in numbers, and when your operatives leave site, they don’t have to take the work home with them, which significantly reduces the chance for errors or omissions on job reports. Many operatives will do all of their site work first, and do all the paperwork at the end of the day, which leaves a lot of room for errors, mix-ups and forgotten details. Eliminate this completely by switching to Onetrace! 

Reason Five: Photos and Markup in the app 

While attaching photos and drawings to a project does not seem like groundbreaking technology, for many fire protection operatives, it is. If this sounds familiar then Onetrace is for you: take a photo on your phone then either email or WhatsApp it to yourself or the office to get a copy onto the device your software is on, then download and save it to your desktop or files, then go back to the software and upload it from there; marking up drawings then adds in another complication of acquiring more software just to highlight areas or add in notes or arrows, then save and upload it. Sounds familiar? Yeah, we thought so, which is why Onetrace has photo capture and mark up drawings built right into the app. And because we designed it for your device, it’s smooth as butter with these features, unlike other bloated and sluggish apps. 

Onetrace: the industry’s leading fire stopping app 

So now you know five exceptional things we do to make your fire protection operation run smoothly and more efficiently. But there is one more! If you’re looking for a fire protection subcontractor, always look for one who is using Onetrace, as you can rest assured they are working to a compliance standard whether or not they have an accreditation, as long as they are using the app effectively. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and see how Onetrace can transform your entire business, just get in touch or request a demo. If you’re not ready to commit, that’s okay – you can try Onetrace completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment! It’s really that simple.