This copy was commissioned by Purple Fedora for Royal Clean.

December is a tricky month for everyone. With the Christmas holidays looming, the last month of the year can often feel like it’s disappearing at an accelerated rate. All of the events (maybe not as many this year), last minute shopping, office holidays, and general loss of time, make up the chaos of December. 

We at Royal Clean work hard to ensure all of our clients get the best service possible. Last minute bookings, while appreciated, can put a spanner in the works. We pre-book as much of our work as possible, to ensure that we can allocate the right resources to the right projects. Amid the December rush, clients often book last minute emergency jobs due to the time-disappearing-into-the-void conundrum. This leads to pressuring teams to get the job done or saying no to clients, both of which we all like to avoid. 

So this December, remember to book in early. In fact, while we have your attention, give us a call now on 0800 246 1216 and get booked in!