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We live in a world in the middle of transition between two eras: one of paper and one of technology. Unlike paper, our technology world is in constant evolution, with the whole world going online, especially since the pandemic; the need for effective remote working solutions has never been this relevant. Paper is slowly phasing out, but much of our world is still on physical paper records, with many businesses still using paper records, or have hybrid systems where some records are digital and some paper. Onetrace active and passive fire protection traceability software aims to help companies move over to digital seamlessly, since it’s not only a more efficient way of working, it’s also environmentally friendly in the long term. 

Efficient remote working

Some companies are still printing, filling out paperwork by hand, scanning documents and then emailing them to the relevant parties. With Onetrace you no longer need to do this. Your entire team has access to Onetrace, allowing everyone to view and retrieve what they need, when they need it. Onetrace gives your management team the ability to oversee projects and jobs from a bird’s eye view, but can also give your clients a front row seat, so everyone has transparency on what stage the job is at. This reduces the need for client update calls, but also gives your client the ability to retrieve reports when they need them, so your team does not have to export and send them over with every request, reducing the administration headache. And if your clients aren’t on Onetrace, or you need to send a report to a third party, all you need to do is share that document with a click of a button. 

Online and offline

Onetrace also works offline, so your team on site can access their jobs and related documents when they are without a stable internet connection. All your team needs to do is download the files to their device before they lose connectivity. They can use the app just as they would online, taking photos, marking up drawings, pinning locations and more, and once they are connected, their data will sync and the whole team will have access to it. This is also great if your team is on a limited mobile data package; they can download the files they need on WiFi and upload once they hit a WiFi hotspot. This is flexibility that’s previously not been seen with active and passive fire protection traceability software before. 

Work in the app, right on your phone 

Many active and passive fire protection traceability software options allow you to upload information and documents but not many allow you to easily work on site as well as Onetrace does. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from your smartphone, your laptop or in the office, the experience is the same. Your fire protection operatives can whip out their phones on site and access floor plans, mark up drawings, pin locations, take photos and so much more, without needing any other software or ever leaving the app. This gives your fire protection operatives the ability to work on site and not have to take the admin side of the job home. They can fill in any details while they are there, and once they leave site, the job is complete and the team at the office is updated in real time. 

Make it your own! 

Onetrace offers unrivalled flexibility with custom form templates, allowing you to customise the app to fit your team’s unique workflow. You can essentially use what you need to, and hide the irrelevant features, ensuring that team members of all technical levels can use the app with ease, as it should be. This simple feature allows so many teams to work much more efficiently and effectively, as no two teams will be the same. It also allows your business to work as close to accreditation compliance standards as possible if Onetrace is used effectively, bringing you one step closer to a third party accreditation should that be a future milestone. 

Curiosity peaked? 

Whether you’re ready to dive in and get your team working efficiently, or you just want to have a peek and think about it, there is an option for you. All you need to do is simply get in touch or request a demo. If you’re not ready to commit, that’s okay – you can try Onetrace completely free for 14 days with zero obligation or commitment. It’s that simple.