This copy was written for Connectium and commissioned by Purple Fedora.

Cabling the right way is important

Most people don’t think too much about cabling, but it’s the singular thing that connects everything. Without cabling, your servers will not work, your network would not exist and your screens would just be blank. It’s the line that makes connect the dots, well, connect. 

As every IT technician’s nightmare, tasked with identifying a technical problem, or just walking into a server room, with cabling that looks like birds flew in and put them together to build a nest. Nothing labeled or colour coded, no indication as to where something is located, and no one wanting the task of bringing order to chaos in their living nightmare. 

It does not seem like it, but it is critical to run cabling properly. While it looks more aesthetically pleasing when everything is neatly cable tied and routed, it also saves a massive amount of time when it comes to diagnosing a problem and identifying any troublesome cables. Trying to find the one troublesome cable in a tangled mess is not only frustrating but massively time consuming. 

We know this, which is why at Connectium we ensure that cables are neatly tied and routed  on the job; and when we do site surveys, cable planning and pre-cabling are features of our service.