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We’re well into 2021 and we’re not quite post-pandemic yet… but it’s safe to say that remote working has left its stamp on the world. Over the last year, every industry has learned to work differently, allowing for remote working where possible and contactless conferences, seminars, meetings and appointments became almost a fashion statement. While some of us have remote working blues and cannot wait for some parts of live pre-pandemic to return, a few things may stay, and for the better. The dreaded video meetings that we grew absolutely sick of during the first lockdown may become a permanent part of daily life, but while too much of anything can make one’s stomach turn, video chat has many positive benefits that will change the way you think about them for your clients, and even yourself. 

Less contact means less spread 

One thing we have all learned about this pandemic is how viruses are easily spread, and this is not limited to just COVID-19 but to the common cold and flu. In an office, it’s hard to contain the spread of the flu or a cold; we know the drill, once one person has it, the entire office especially if it’s a smaller room, has a wave of whatever the bug is. Your clients will benefit from having remote meetings via video chat with employees who may have the flu and wish to or at able to self isolate to some degree.  

Increased productivity 

While working from home can be full of distractions, video chat meetings can actually increase your client’s team productivity. Since they don’t have to physically travel anywhere for their meeting, they can save the time normally spent travelling, whether it’s going to another floor or another town, and carry on with other work until a few minutes before the meeting. Video chat can be much more productive since there isn’t a chance of meeting someone before or after for a quick chat or getting distracted by something en route; it’s straight to business and off again. 

WFH Productivity Pro Tip: use your Do Not Disturb or Focus mode during working hours to reduce social media distractions, or if you can, switch off that device until after your shift. 

It’s great for customer service, too! 

Video chat isn’t only for business meetings as it’s just as good for customers. Your clients will benefit from adding an interactive communication channel to their customer service arsenal and it will instantly impact their brand as a whole. Some customers might be much more comfortable knowing there is someone on the other side of their live chat, and with a click of a button, your client’s customer service agents can start a video chat. It’s massively beneficial for all types of customers, but especially those who need a visual communication layer, such as help desk services, healthcare or even charities. There are many customer-facing business types that will benefit massively from adding a video chat to their communication channels. 

A win for your clients, but also for you 

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The top web chat software on the market 

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