Get Seen by your Target Market in an Engaged Space.

If entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants or mentors are a part of your target market, you can have your brand seen by them with zero effort.

Désiré • The Brand Maverick


Here is how Sponsorship works:

Désiré’s core goal with TILT NEXUS is to support entrepreneurs, either through promotion, coaching and consulting, providing safe spaces to speak openly, or through sharing knowledge.

Promotion on TILT NEXUS involves featured guest live streams and podcasts where you talk about your business, product or service in a way that’s engaging and informative, not hard selling. We believe that if people connect with you, they will willingly invest in you. And that’s what we want for everyone in our network – a community of people investing in each other because they have shared values and interests.

Sponsorship is a month-long opportunity to have your brand front and centre on our 30+ live streams, our weekly newsletter (7k+ and growing daily) and featured as a guest on both the podcast and on a live stream.

All of our live streams are recorded so you have the opportunity to highlight the benefits of your business, product or service, with a video that doesn’t disappear, and you can speak directly with potential clients live.

We love our live streams as you can showcase various parts of your services in real time, such as performing an audit or strategy with a community member as a live demonstration. You can then use this video to redirect potential clients to engage with you in your community.

As a sponsor, your banner will be showcased on the home page, on the live stream recordings and on the weekly newsletter, and a 60-second scripted message, speaking about your chosen product or service, will be announced before and after every live stream in that four week period.

You will also benefit from an extended podcast, speaking about your company, your journey but also about how your services or products can help people directly, giving more detail for those who are interested in your products/services. You will also have two featured live stream spots on TILT NEXUS where you can speak about your products or services with hosts and community members.

Let’s get your target market engaging with your brand to create lasting relationships.

Désiré • The Brand Maverick


This is what one of Désiré’s clients had to say about her…

Désiré is a one-of-a-kind imaginative thinker and collaborative partner. I have found that her expertise and insight have been invaluable for the assignments and projects I have asked her to work on. It helps that she is personable, focused and very effective with everything she does – or at least everything I have seen her do. Perhaps her biggest asset is her experience from the times when she was building her business in the face of things that did not go quite so well. So she understands in her bones that success is hard to come by and brings that tenacity to her clients. In a world where grey conformity is the norm, she is an iridescent splash of colour – highly recommend!” – Ken Lyon, Virtual Partners.

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