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Say you have someone in your business who could possibly do all the day to day management, like responding to comments and messages, or maybe that’s a part of your sales and customer service process that you don’t want to outsource, but you don’t have someone in-house to come up with all the ideas, then develop them into the engaging content that TILT produces… What does one do? 

We had a client once with this specific problem and our solution worked so well for them, that we believed it should be a solution offered to all our clients should they need it. So how does this even work? 

We’ve broken our managed social media service into two main chunks: content marketing and training. We create all the content needed, and once you’re all trained and ready, we hand the reins over to you. At the end of every month, we drop in with a report of the activity and make some recommendations if needed, just like the fully managed service. This way, you get the best of both worlds: you get the awesome content, the analytical and monitoring expertise, and you keep the control of conversation in-house. 

We understand the importance of the customer service process, which is why we believe this is the way forward. 

If you’re ready to take the reins, book a consultation to find out how we’re going to TILT your brand!

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