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There’s an app for that… and for a million other things too.. well, 2 million if you’re actually counting. Every brand wants to create an app that helps their consumers buy their product or service and keep in touch more easily, and provide some form of value be it in the form of convenience, special offers or an alternative to desktop shopping. Everyone knows mobile is the way forward. 

We @ TILT understand the need for this from both sides, the business’ and the consumer’s. It’s our job to ensure that the app you build will provide meaningful value, so that the investment you make into new technology makes sense. We have seen lots of companies create an app and it doesn’t do much so it doesn’t do well, so the company gives up on the idea altogether. 

Mobile apps aren’t really like websites… there is a lot more that goes into it. And it’s all about the end user and their experience. How often do you want users to open it? What purpose does it have? What problem does it solve? What value does it offer? Does it feel intuitive or clunky? What features will the user find more useful? Are there any integrations that can be used to get a user to integrate the app with their daily lives? How different is it from your competitors? All of these questions come into play before we even start thinking about user experience or interface design. It’s a lot more complex, but we have found ways to make sure that all the apps we build for you are useful and cost effective. 

This approach is the change we’ve been expecting in the advertising industry as a whole; it’s why our whole approach is user focused, because technology has changed the way we communicate with consumers. 

Are you ready to take the next step into tech marketing? 

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