Ghostwriters are paid to write for someone else in an official capacity. They are popularly used in long literary work like books, but also for speeches, white papers, blogs, website copy, sales copy and much more. 

Why hire a ghostwriter? 

There are many reasons why you’d hire a ghostwriter but the main reason is really to have a professional write your content for you, so that you don’t have to, and you benefit from professional services. 

With hair, you could have your partner cut your hair because we all know how to use a pair of scissors, but unless they are a hair professional, it would probably lack the look you’d leave a salon with. Likewise with writing, your work will lose the refinement of selling without selling, integrating keywords naturally, and weaving your brand’s story in each article, connecting them all with just a few cleverly placed words and giving your consumer something to think about, without them even realising. You hire a ghostwriter, because writing it yourself will not be polished enough. Harsh, but true. 

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