With all the new email regulations, anti-spam laws, GDPR, is email still alive? It’s not only alive, but email is still thriving. And we have discovered a better way of emailing, and have tapped into a new wave of email marketing. 

In sales, there are two types of business: new and repeat. While social media advertising, content marketing, blogging, and other forms of advertising, work on getting in new business, email marketing is all about repeat business. Now, that does not mean that you don’t use email marketing for prospects, but they need to be prospects that have opted-in and given permission for you to email them. 

The best thing about email marketing is that these people are actually interested in your business. You don’t have to hard sell their interest, you’ve got it. Now the tricky part is the balance between how often and too often, interesting and boring, and, valuable and trash. This is where we come in. We spend a lot of time looking at emails, seeing what works, what doesn’t work, and applying all our research to our clients. 

Punchy subject lines that make you click open, engaging content inside waiting to be consumed, and layouts that work on every screen size. Email is an art, not a formula or a checklist. And using email to market to existing customers is different from new prospects. Your emails should feel personal and targeted to their specific needs, all while being sent to all your customers at the same time. And if you don’t meet those needs, suddenly you’re in the dreaded junk box. It’s tricky business, but we do this in our sleep.  

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