Blogging seems to be the new normal for every single company website. There are so many benefits of blogging, but the most important one, is establishing your brand as an industry leader. Publishing content that adds value to your product and service offering, and maybe even showcases your professional opinions, adds to your brand’s equity. Every piece of content you produce and publish reflects on your brand and company values, which is why it’s important to have a professional produce it. 

Think of your blog like a sales guy who takes an indirect approach to selling. Let’s call him Dave. Dave enjoys the process of telling you all the awesome benefits of what he has to offer, but he weaves it through a story, and takes you on a journey, and in the end, you trust him because he knows what he’s talking about, and has opinions about his industry that you can respect.

Now, there is another guy called Brian. Brian is an aggressive sales guy who doesn’t have years of industry experience, but can bang out sales to hit targets. He’s not interested in developing a relationship with his prospects. Brian will say whatever he thinks his prospect needs to hear to make the purchase. He is only interested in one thing: hitting his targets, which in his mind means commission. Sales is a target driven industry, but it’s all about relationships, making them and nurturing them. 

Of Dave or Brian, who would you perceive as more credible? Which of these two guys would you put your trust in? We’re inclined to think Dave, because while Dave hits his targets, the relationships he’s developed with customers will encourage loyalty and future purchases. This is a necessary part of the long term sales strategy, and what a blog can do for your brand… plus the content can be shared on social media as a part of your campaign: bonus! 

Blogging is a necessary part of your brand’s marketing strategy. If you’re ready to take the plunge, book a consultation to find out how we can TILT your brand today! 

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