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As a consultancy with over a decade of hands-on experience in marketing, branding and strategy, we are able to view your business from a different lens. This is why our consultancy service is a little bit of creative direction, marketing and branding all rolled into one.

Everyone is suddenly expected to be everything in their business; and we know this is not productive and definitely not sustainable.

Branding isn’t simple. It’s not just about selecting a photo for a campaign; it’s about having the entire universe surrounding that campaign and the company in focus, while having a deep understanding of audience reception and human behaviour, and seeing the fine details that most people miss. We can’t afford to make mistakes anymore; we live in an instant world, full of impermanence, keyboard warriors and nano-second screen-shotters. There is just too much to dodge to afford a mistake.

To add insult to injury, today’s world of marketing demands that immediately everyone must be an expert content creator, a social media specialist, an email marketing wizard and understand the intricacies of strategy and analytics and how the two feed off of each other, while protecting your brand and being cognisant of the nuances of creative direction and marketing. It’s insane, not to mention the surefire route to burnout. You opened a business to do that thing that you love, not get bogged down into the rabbit hole of chaos called marketing in the 2020’s.

And this is where we come in…

We take the stress off your shoulders, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Aside from branding (our biggest obsession yet), marketing strategy and creative direction sit at the core of everything we do. You may already have someone managing your marketing, but you might want another approach or opinion. You might be handling things yourself, and you want a second pair of more experienced eyes. Sometimes you just need someone to do the creative strategy while you do the rest. It doesn’t have to be a plan either; it can just be ideas – because those can be hard to formulate if you’re not in the right headspace. Or you might be in the middle of a five year campaign, but you just want confirmation that you’re on the right path, and your company is still in alignment with your values and objectives.

Creative direction is not solely about marketing either; it’s also about your company and what you have to offer. You may have a few ideas that you want to explore, or you might want to take a look at your current offering to make sure that it’s still relevant and you’re not missing any gaps in the market. We are trained to think outside of the box (What box? There is no box!) and this gives us the advantage of a completely different perspective than most.

We’re not ordinary, at all. We don’t think like most, and our methods are definitely unorthodox. But we are efficient and effective in all the right spaces.

TILT Audits

Most new clients start with a TILT Audit as it helps us understand your business on a more intimate level, while arming you with a strategy that can support development internally and externally, so that when we start firing off your marketing campaign, your business is ready for action.

It begins with a simple conversation, as most things do. You tell us what you have, what you want, where you are and where you want to be, and we take it from there. We do a comprehensive review, looking at why some things are working while others aren’t. We also look at your business model and processes, because while your outbound efforts may be robust, if your internal systems, such as customer service, aren’t capable of the influx or aren’t up to scratch, your efforts will be in vain.

Then it’s the fun stuff: we develop a strategy to capitalise on your strengths while building the areas in need of improvement and filling in market gaps that you didn’t even know you had. It’s an audit on your brand, your marketing and your business; and you’re not going to find that anywhere else!

Our Pricing

This is a bespoke consultancy service, so it’s billable per day @ £350/day, rather than as a set package.

TILT Audits for startups and small businesses start at £350; the size of your business and depth of the review will impact the amount of time and work required.

Please read also about our process, client deliverables and payment terms ↗️

Ready to take the plunge and TILT your business? 

Continuity is the main reason why TILT offers the holy trifecta of marketing: brand design, websites, blog writing; they all work together, and when done right, the results speak for themselves.

Book a consultation to find out how we can TILT your brand!

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