Désiré is an easy person to work with. I do trust her with my clients which is a statement of confidence on its own.

Nigel, Founder

Désiré is such a great partner to work with. Very clear, very dedicated and collaborative. She took the time to really understand my business before helping me reshape my website, messages and marketing approach. I was hugely appreciative of her fresh and insightful perspective. I have no hesitation in recommending Désiré to anyone who needs help like this.

Jeremy, International CEO

I highly recommend Désiré and her services to anyone looking for a skilled and dedicated professional. Désiré  is a talented and experienced individual who brings a high level of expertise to her work.

Octavian, CEO

Désiré saved my business. I wanted to pack it up and I met her randomly and after a chat we just clicked and I thought I’d give her a chance. I wouldn’t have a business without her. She’s not just a branding expert, she understands people and knows her business stuff.

PKL, Founder

Désiré is a one-of-a-kind imaginative thinker and collaborative partner. I have found that her expertise and insight have been invaluable for the assignments and projects I have asked her to work on. It helps that she is personable, focused and very effective with everything she does – or at least everything I have seen her do.

Perhaps her biggest asset is her experience from the times when she was building her business in the face of things that did not go quite so well. So she understands in her bones that success is hard to come by and brings that tenacity to her clients.

In a world where grey conformity is the norm, she is an iridescent splash of colour – highly recommend!

Ken, Advisory Board Member

Désiré is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure her clients’ needs are met, and her attention to detail is exceptional. Her communication skills are also excellent, which makes working with her a breeze.

Octavian, CEO

I needed a business site for my consulting services and the initial developer couldn’t deliver with huge delays and poor communication.
I reached out to Tilt from LinkedIn and the job was done in weeks. Désiré was clear in her communication from the beginning, managed expectations and kept to her word.

Hephzi, PhD, FRSA

Thanks to Désiré, my brand has evolved beyond my initial vision. I now have a more confident grasp of my brand’s identity and my place in the market.

Mark, Entrepreneur
I wholeheartedly recommend Désiré  to anyone looking to grow their business. She is a worthy investment that gives long term results because she sticks with you and works with you long after the consultation ends.  Cannot recommend enough – and her energy is NEXT LEVEL
Lachelle, Beauty Therapist

Désiré has unparalleled expertise in branding. They’ve helped shape my brand identity and refine my messaging. Their ongoing support and guidance helps ensuring my brand’s continuous growth.

Taylor, Life Coach

Is your brand struggling to make an impact?

Are you ready to elevate your brand and business?

Is your brand struggling to make an impact?

It’s Time to Transform Your Brand

Our 12 week intensive programme can help turn your brand into a much more powerful force on the market, while aligning to your actual target market, and giving you a unique competitive edge.

Our Brand Booster will ensure that you have a brand strategy, brand identity and marketing plan that aligns with your goals and your business.

This is a 1:1 video programme, and only runs for 12 weeks.

This Brand Booster is crafted for businesses seeking an individualised brand overhaul, ensuring a unique and impactful market presence.

You will have expert guidance every step of the way and you will receive dedicated support. Your facilitator will oversee your branding projects and your marketing planning.

This package also includes a Logo Refresh and Standard WordPress Website build.

Limited Spots Available

Our Brand Booster is in high demand, and we only accept a limited number of participants to guarantee personalised attention. Also, this programme only runs a few times a year, so don’t miss your chance to transform your brand.

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Customer Review from our MachX Brand Accelerator Programme:

In early 2023, I hopped on board with this coaching session called “Elevate Your Brand,” and it was a new programme, so I naturally didn’t have very high expectations… But it was mind-blowing! I mean, seriously, it blew all my expectations out of the water. The structure of the program was spot on and so easy to follow. It was like they tailored everything to fit my needs. The consultant? She’s a total rockstar. She knew her stuff and managed to break down complex branding concepts into bite-sized pieces.

She did the strategy, the auditing, the whole personality of the brand and then explained why our communication was all wrong and even refined our target market. Now we’re ready to relaunch a new look and new packaging and feel so much better among our competition.

But the best part was because it was coaching for our own brand, we were able to drive headfirst into practical exercises with OUR brand and see immediate results in our branding efforts. No boring lectures and trying to figure out how it all fits after… Right there and then we could brainstorm and refine our choices.

And it wasn’t just branding only. Désiré is a marketing encyclopaedia!! She covered everything, and whatever she didn’t know in that moment, she got back to me the next day with an answer. She’s very precise with her knowledge and brutally honest which can be painful sometimes but it’s because she can see things that we can’t.

The “aftercare” was really great too. If I had any questions, I’d just shoot them over to Désiré and she was back to me within a day with a solution. If it required something more in-depth, which one thing did, then we booked a one-on-one and even with that, the amount of research and support that Désiré gives is unrivalled. And we have had a few marketing agencies and consultants before and we have never received this level of service.

I can’t wait to join the support group she’s launching with her new project as she’s worth every dollar.

Désiré’s brand programme is the bomb. If you want to take your brand from eh to fuck yeah, this program is your golden ticket to the chocolate factory. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Again, thank you Désiré for saving our business and doing such an amazing job!